Unique Dishes in Guadalajara, Mexico

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Our personal favorites in Guadalajara

Mexico is obviously known for its tacos. In this blog, we share some unique dishes you can find in Guadalajara that are absolutely worth trying!

Salmoncito – La Esquina Del Sabor
If you love sushi, you should definitely try this dish. It is a hot plate, straight from the oven, of sushi with salmon with the tastiest dressing ever, with grated cucumber and carrot on top. It will make your mouth water just seeing it!

– Opens Monday to Sunday from 1pm to 9pm  – 

Racletta – Enraclettados
Food made with love from Switzerland. All their dishes contain cheese from Switzerland. Their famous dish is a sandwich with ingredients to your taste. The girls serving you are incredibly kind and love to chat with you. We love their Racletta with Serrano Ham and some vegetables.

– Opens Monday to Thursday from 1pm to 9pm –
– Opens Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 10pm –
– Opens Sunday from 1pm to 8pm –

Torta ahogada – street food stands
A typical Mexican dish from Guadalajara is the Torta Ahogada, which literally means “soaked sandwich”. You can’t leave Guadalajara without having tried this dish. It’s a sandwich stuffed with meat and soaked in a specific salsa. There are several variants, like one with avocado. Or you can try one totally different; the shrimp Torta Ahogada.

– Any place regularly opens in the morning and closes around 3pm or 4pm – 

Papa cabaña – Papa cabaña
A delicious dish if you like meat and potato. It is a mix of boiled potato, meat of your choice, and salsa. We recommend eating it with chorizo and mixing some salsas!

– Opens Tuesday to Sunday from 7pm to 1am – 

Tostilocos – street food stands
This is a snack you find everywhere in Mexico but nowhere else. This is a snack of Tostitos chips/crisps with various things added. We recommend just trying it with all the trimmings! This snack can usually be found in the tents/stalls on the streets. Eat it all, or eat nothing at all!


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