Learn Spanish in Mexico 

Would you like to improve your Spanish and learn Spanish in Mexico with other international students while enjoying a cultural exchange during summer or winter?

We offer on-site Spanish courses at a VERY reasonable price! 

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Start your Spanish course in one of Mexico’s biggest cities – Guadalajara. Take your Spanish to a new level with enthusiastic, certified teachers!


  • Availability: June and July (summer) or December and January (winter)
  • Want to start in a different month? Contact us for alternative options
  • A minimum of 4 participants is required during the same period
  • Prices are subject to availability


✓ On-site lessons
✓ Certified teachers
✓ Teachers fluent in English and Spanish
✓ You will learn Mexican-Spanish that you can use in any Spanish-speaking country
✓ Learn Spanish together with other students 

If you want to know more about learning Spanish in Mexico, have a look at the blog posts below where we tell you more about Mexico and why learning Spanish is important.

Why learn Spanish in Mexico?


Why learning Spanish is important

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