Why Learn Spanish in Mexico?

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You are just starting to learn Spanish, or you are more advanced but you are still looking for a country to improve your skills. Don’t know which country to choose? We understand you, there are several countries to consider and you also want an enjoyable experience. Read in this blog why Mexico is one of the best options to learn Spanish!

Reasons to Learn Spanish

First, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world. It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to have employees who are proficient in the language, especially because of trade with Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico. If you can combine the knowledge gained during your studies with Spanish skills, you will be valuable to many companies in Europe and the US. Read on to find out why you should learn Spanish in Mexico.

Why Learn Spanish in Mexico

Of all the places you can choose to learn Spanish, Mexico is one of the best options if you ask me. Spanish in Mexico is generally easy to understand because of the clear pronunciation. Also, Mexican people are super friendly and patient with foreigners who speak Spanish. For me, it was a great time learning Spanish. In Mexico, as in other Spanish-speaking countries, they use slang and you have to get used to that, but it is also funny to listen to and they have a rich vocabulary. I started learning Spanish at my university in Mexico, and I first used my skills in low-key places like taco stands, in clubs, etc. It was great to feel how you kept progressing and after a while, you could have your first conversation with a Mexican! It was scary, but I was also proud of myself. I often get asked if I can use the Spanish I learned in Mexico in other countries, and the answer is yes! The accent is different and you will encounter slang that they don’t use in other countries, but the language is ultimately the same. During your learning process, you will get used to different accents and you will be able to use them in any country. I talked to Spanish-speaking people from all over the world since I’ve been learning this beautiful language!

How to Prepare for Your Language Exchange

From my own experience, I highly recommend that you start learning already in your home country before you travel to another place (if you don’t already have the basics). I started with Duolingo, you can download the app or use it on your laptop. For me, using the app was great when I traveled by train to work. At home, I use my laptop more, which is faster because I can type faster. Furthermore, I started learning by listening to podcasts, and I will recommend a few to you in this blog below. Listening to podcasts is something you can do on your bike, in the car, when you’re in bed, I definitely love it. A book can also really help you recognize words and learn them in a fun way. I would recommend reading books that tell a story instead of books that are only about vocabulary, etc. because personally, this caught my attention more. The first book I read, I will also share with you below.

Keep in mind that learning Spanish is a process that takes time and don’t forget to enjoy it! As you learn it from your home country or in a Spanish-speaking country, you can use my tips to move forward. I think going abroad to learn a language is a great experience, and not only a language exchange but also a cultural experience!

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