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Laurens in Mexico City Mexico

🇨🇴 Esteban

Marketing Internship, Guadalajara

My experience with Intership in Mexico was very good from beginning to end, I felt a constant and total support from the girls, always being aware of both my experience and me. I was fortunate to live in La Perla Tapatía, Guadalajara, and to be in an excellent company with great people, always with the best attitude. I was able to fulfill my goals and plans, which will always make me grateful to this company. They will always be recommended by me and with the best possible qualification.

Originally written in Spanish

Laurens in Mexico City Mexico

🇳🇱 Tobias

Strategic Department Internship, Puerto Vallarta
After a semester in Spain, I decided to broaden my horizons even further and look for an internship on the other side of the world.

When I got in touch with Internship in Mexico, the procedure of acquiring a suitable internship was done in a heartbeat. In less than 2 weeks they found me an internship at a 5-diamond hotel. I became Assistant Manager of the Rooms Division department.

Living the Mexican life – surrounding myself with locals, enjoying the culture, and of course the delicious food – was an amazing experience.

The guidance Carmen and Sunny provided before, during, and after my internship has truly been invaluable! From helping out with transport to struggles with language barriers, and personal issues… there were no limits to their continuous support. If you would like to explore the world and live a similar experience: Internship in Mexico is the way to go!

Laurens in Mexico City Mexico

🇳🇱 Marcus

Tourism Event Internship, Puerto Vallarta

It was a longtime dream to explore Mexico. Last year I tried to find an internship in Mexico but failed to do so. Luckily this year Internship in Mexico was able to find the ideal internship for me.

I knew exactly what I wanted: a beach town that was quite big with a managing position in the tourism or event branch where I could work outside as well. They offered me an assistant activities manager internship in Puerto Vallarta including a two-room apartment with a pool 🙂

Looking back, I’m extremely grateful for all that they could do for me and for the problem-solving mindset they have. I needed their help with some Mexican communication problems. Here they proved themselves to be a great support. My time in Puerto Vallarta was one to remember for a lifetime. Still, when I look back at my time there I get emotional.

Laurens in Mexico City Mexico

🇫🇷 Elodie

Marketing Internship, Mérida

“How am I going to manage to find an internship in a country that’s 4 times the size of France and that I know nothing about? (Ah and without speaking Spanish of course 😊)”

Thanks to the Internship in Mexico team, I was lucky enough to find an internship in the field I wanted and, above all, in the city that suited me best. Knowing nothing about the country, the team gave me the best advice to make my 6-month internship an extraordinary experience. Having chosen the city of Mérida, I discovered Mayan culture, Yucatecan food, incredible Cenotes, endless Haciendas, and incredible landscapes. This internship offers me much more than a professional experience, it enriches me culturally and brings me so much. I would advise anyone looking for adventure and curious about new experiences to choose their internship in Mexico and put their trust in the Internship in Mexico team.

Laurens in Mexico City Mexico

🇳🇱 Stephan

Volunteering Internship, Tulum

After a minor in Seville, I wanted to continue my Spanish journey with an internship in Mexico. I was looking for a flexible internship where my design skills would be at their best. After an initial meeting, the company started working immediately, and in no time they came up with several interesting options. The choice finally fell on Tulum where I could work for 3 months in complete freedom with a top organization. Even with limitations such as not speaking Spanish completely, they knew and found a perfect match and facilitated a successful period. Internship in Mexico takes care of all contact moments and prepares you well for the trip. It is therefore highly recommended to contact Internship Mexico if you have any doubts.

Laurens in Mexico City Mexico

🇫🇷 Maya

Marketing Internship, Guadalajara

Thanks to Internship in Mexico, I quickly found an internship. They allowed me to find an internship, but above all, a paid internship. The process was super fast, and the company took care of everything. In less than a month, my internship agreement was signed by the company and my school. They supported me until the end and were able to answer all the questions I had regarding Mexico but also regarding my internship. Today, it has been three months since I started my internship in Guadalajara, and everything is going great. They check in with me every month to make sure everything is going well. So if you’re stressed and don’t have much time to find an internship, I highly recommend working with Internship in Mexico! You won’t be disappointed.

Laurens in Mexico City Mexico

🇳🇱 Timo

Industrial Engineering Internship, Guadalajara

After studying abroad in Mexico, I wanted to return and gain more work experience. Finding an internship was initially challenging, especially with my limited Spanish skills. Fortunately, I connected with Internship in Mexico, who helped me secure a great internship with a supportive company. They guided me through the process and assisted me with the various challenges I faced. The internship provided a fascinating experience working in a Mexican company, and I learned a lot. Despite cultural differences that sometimes posed difficulties, the Mexican people were warm and kind, always willing to help. Additionally, the food, climate, and love for celebrations in Mexico were incredible.
I fell in love with the culture, country, and its people, and I am definitely planning to return to Guadalajara. A heartfelt thank you to Internship in Mexico for their invaluable assistance and the amazing experience.

Laurens in Mexico City Mexico

🇨🇿 Michal

Business Internship, Guadalajara

When I started search for my internship, the Internship in Mexico page turned up as one of the first searches. I gave it a try without much expectations.

I was really surprised by the level of communication and service quality which they offer.

Sunny helped me to link with the internship company and covered first parts of communication. I also used their housing service, which helped me to find a room that fit my needs. It’s needless to say that the value of those services are great. With the starting manual they send you there is no chance to get lost during your first days in Mexico.

Laurens in Mexico City Mexico

🇳🇱 Maria

Business Internship, Puebla

It was amazing to be guided by internshipinmexico and have someone to talk to. They helped me with everything. They got your back on all the details through the process.

I was a bit scared to explore this new adventure on my own, but everything went well and I am so happy that I did it! It was just the best year of my life so far. You will definitely learn so many things here, the philosophy it gives you for the rest of your life, the international and Mexican people you meet on the way.

One word; inspiring. Go for it!

Laurens in Mexico City Mexico

🇳🇱 Laurens

Business Internship, Mexico City

I wrote my thesis in the capital of Mexico and I can only describe my internship as awesome. I lived in la Roma and worked in Las Lomas de Chapultepec.

My colleagues were very helpful and kind, Mexico City is huge and there’s always something to do. I’ve met a lot of local people during my time and they’re all nice to me, and once you get to know them, they treat you like family.

🇳🇱 Marc

Business Internship, Guadalajara

Doing an internship in Guadalajara is a great experience and can boost your Spanish skills!

I’m in Mexico since August 2019, and I’m loving it! The people, the culture, traditions and food.

Deciding to stay in Mexico after my exchange semester,  was the best decision I could make.

It is incredibly important in these days in which the digital world is taking over, to be able to connect and communicate with people from other cultures. And what better to reach this than to contact  Internship in Mexico to help you find your perfect placement!

🇳🇱 Lisa 

Business Internship, Guadalajara 

How Mexico blew me away

After falling in love with Mexico during my exchange program, I decided that I didn’t want to go home yet. 

Luckily I found a position in a marketing agency in Guadalajara as a Business Development Intern.

It was very interesting to be part of a different business culture and learn from my Mexican colleagues.

I loved how welcome they made me feel in Mexico and in the company, I believe that we can learn a lot from such experiences and it’s a great opportunity to pass on your knowledge too!


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