5 Podcasts to Learn Spanish - Beginner to Intermediate

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Want to improve your Spanish listening skills? Read about five podcasts that are great for learning Spanish! Listening to podcasts can help you improve your listening skills, and also to learn new words and grammar – for learners with a beginning to intermediate level.

1. Duolingo Spanish Podcast 

This is a great podcast for English speakers to improve their Spanish. You’ll hear real-life stories in easy-to-understand Spanish told by Spanish speakers from all over the world. The podcast switches between English and Spanish which is great for starters to keep up with the story, and you can read the transcripts on the Duolingo Spanish Podcast website. The podcast Duolingo Spanish Podcast is hosted by Martina Castro, who is the co-founder of NPR’s Ambulante.

 2. Coffee Break Spanish 

Produced by the Radio Lingua Network, the podcast features lessons on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, cultural notes, and real-life examples, which is perfect for learning Spanish. The podcast is designed to engage and entertain, and the lessons are aimed at learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced. It starts with lessons for beginners and gets harder as the seasons progress. Additionally, Coffee Break Spanish also provides accompanying materials and resources, such as lesson notes and vocabulary lists, to help learners get the most out of the podcast.

 3. Simple stories in Spanish 

This is a weekly podcast by the Small Town Spanish Teacher. She tells stories that are easy to understand and the transcripts you can find on the website to read while you listen. The host starts with a small introduction in English and the key vocabulary to give you a better understanding of the podcast.

 4. News in Slow Spanish 

The podcast contains stories on various topics, including politics, sports, culture, and science. The stories include explanations of difficult vocabulary and grammar, making them more accessible to learners. The podcast is at a slow pace to understand the words and phrases to learn Spanish. However, it is necessary to have basic knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and grammar to follow this podcast. Moreover, News in Slow Spanish provides accompanying materials and resources, such as transcriptions and glossaries, to help learners better understand the stories. 

 5. Notes in Spanish 

The podcast’s hosts, Ben Curtis and Marina Diez live in Madrid, Spain. The lessons cover grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, stories about culture, and practical examples. It covers various topics like the summer in Madrid. The hosts provide a beginner podcast and an intermediate and advanced podcast for students to learn Spanish. The beginner podcast from Notes in Spanish is great for improving your language skills, but make sure you already have some basic knowledge of Spanish.

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