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On the way to learning Spanish, I have been looking for different ways to learn Spanish: podcasts, Duolingo, and books! Reading books is one of the most effective ways to learn Spanish. Why can you learn Spanish by reading books? Discover this by reading this blog!

Reading books helps you memorize new vocabulary easily. You learn new words by understanding the meaning in context. Plus, reading words in context helps you apply them in real life because you can give them meaning in certain situations!

This blog takes a closer look at the book: Spanish Short Stories for Beginners by Olly Richards. I used this book to gain a better understanding of the Spanish language. Also, unlike other Spanish books, I think it’s fun to read too! In this book, you can read eight chapters, each containing a different story in Spanish. The book highlights the 1000 most commonly used words in Spanish. At the end of each chapter, you can find a translation of the highlighted words, so you can always look up the word if it isn’t clear from the context. As a beginner to Spanish (but with a basic knowledge already), I was able to read and enjoy the book at the same time. I mean, learning Spanish is supposed to be fun, after all. I think the book is suitable for both young and adult readers, so no excuses, and start reading! Find the book here

If this book excites you, but you have an intermediate level, there is good news: The author has published another book for more advanced learners. 

Check out the other book here: Short Stories in Spanish for Intermediate Learners

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