The Best Way to Learn Spanish

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How to improve your Spanish

Read this blog about how to learn Spanish and Mexican slang. These are examples of how we learned Spanish during our stay in Mexico.

1. Translating messages

Always send your Mexican friends messages in Spanish. Here’s what you need to do:
– Download Google Translate or Deepl on your phone;
– Translate what you want to say from English to Spanish;
– Don’t copy and paste the text literally from Google Translate, but type everything word for word into Whatsapp.

These steps will help you to learn new words and to get a better understanding of the structure of sentences.

2. Meme’s

Meme’s really help you learn Mexican slang. However, this is like unlocking a new level of Spanish because it is not very easy at first. That is mainly because these meme’s contain a lot of jokes that only Mexicans understand. But if you are good friends with a Mexican, ask him or her to explain the meme.

Some Meme account suggestions:

3. Ask a lot

Don’t be afraid to ask. Mexicans fully understand that your Spanish is not perfect; they don’t mind explaining the meaning of something to you. They usually try to explain it more simply. 

4. Surround yourself by Mexicans

Make sure you are surrounded by many people who speak Spanish. It’s difficult and you will definitely not understand everything at first, but hearing Spanish repeatedly will give your brain a boost to slowly start understanding more Spanish. Of course, this works best in combination with the other tips.


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