5 Podcasts to Learn Spanish - Intermediate to Advanced

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Want to improve your Spanish listening skills? Read about five podcasts that are great for learning Spanish! Listening to podcasts can help you improve your listening skills, and also to learn new words and grammar – for learners with an intermediate to advanced level.

1. Español Intermedio / Intermediate Spanish

This podcast is great for learning Spanish by listening to real stories in Mexican Spanish. It is about the cultures in Latin American countries like Mexico, and you will also learn about other countries over the world. The speed of the podcast Español Intermedio / Intermediate Spanish is based on an intermediate level and the accent is very clear. 

2. How to Spanish Podcast

In this podcast by David and Ana, you can listen to different topics like stories about culture, history, current events, and technology. In the podcast How to Spanish Podcast, they talk at a normal pace, not too fast and with an accent from Mexico City that is easy to follow. You can find more content, materials, and activities to learn Spanish on the website of How to Spanish Podcast

3. No Hay Tos (Real Mexican Spanish) 

Roberto and Héctor, two friends from Mexico, have real conversations about their culture and hot topics in the country. They are native speakers and the podcast No Hay Tos is at normal speed so perfect for improving your listening skills if you’re an intermediate or advanced learner. Want to improve your speaking skills? It’s possible to book classes with Roberto and Héctor on their website No Hay Tos Podcast to learn Spanish. 

4. TED en Español 

You have probably heard of the English TED talks, but there is also a Spanish one: TED en Español. Similar to the English TED talks, it covers education, business, science, tech, and creativity. These shows are at normal speed and not made specifically for learning Spanish, so it’s recommended for advanced learners who can follow different accents of Spanish-speaking countries. Get more information at their website

5. La Cotorrisa

This is a popular podcast listened to by Mexicans, called La Cotorrisa. The creators of this podcast are from Mexico City and the speed of the podcast is very fast. If you understand this podcast, you know you have reached a high level of Spanish. Every Wednesday, they talk about strange news, curious facts, and hilarious anecdotes. Learn Spanish with this podcast to bring your listening skills to a native level. 

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