6 Surprising Facts about Mexico

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In this blog, we will take you on a journey to discover six surprising facts about Mexico.

 1. Mexico has the highest number of Spanish speakers of any country in the world

Spanish is the official language in Mexico. There are some differences in pronunciation, vocabulary and other nuances, but in general, it is the same as Spanish in Spain. Did you know that Mexico has the largest number of Spanish speakers in the world? Mexico has more than 130 million native speakers! Nowadays, most of the young generation speaks English, but if you travel to Mexico, at least a basic knowledge of Spanish is very useful!

Read our blog on the 4 benefits of learning Spanish here, or check out our blog on Podcasts here for beginners and here for more advanced speakers!

2. Mexico has 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Mexico is home to 35 sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites! That is why tourists in Mexico can enjoy the country’s colonial history and natural wonders. Visit sights from the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza to the blue agave landscape and the ancient industrial facilities of Tequila. Click here to see what a trip to Tequila looks like. Also, don’t forget to go to “Los Cantaritos,” a place where you can drink tequila from a giant can and dance to “Banda” with the locals. Click here to see more of “Los Cantaritos”. 

3. Mexico City is sinking about 50 centimeters per year

Mexico’s capital is sinking because the city is built on a lake called “Texcoco” and this is simply because most of the other places were already occupied. Mexico City sinks about 50 centimeters a year.

4. Mexicans are experts at nicknaming

Almost all Mexicans have a nickname based on their characteristic or as a shorter form of someone’s first name, for example, “Pancho,” which is short for Francisco, and “Chapo” for someone small. What they also do is put -ita or -ito after someone’s name to indicate something is small or to show their affection. Be ready to hear several new versions of your name, they are real experts at giving a nickname!

5. Puebla has the largest pyramid in the world: Cholula

The Pyramid of Cholula in Puebla, known to locals as “Tlachihualtepetl,” is the largest pyramid in the world. It is about 66 meters high and has a base of 450 by 450 meters. This pyramid is truly a hidden gem in Mexico because it is often overlooked by tourists.

6. Hand signs are used a lot by Mexicans 

In Mexico, they have some useful hand signs that they use to make your daily life a little easier! For example, they use their hands to say “yes” and “thank you,” to ask for a bill, to show that they are scared and to indicate that something is expensive or that it is very busy. Click here to see the different hand signs and their meanings, which are very useful during your stay in Mexico! 

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