Travel Safety Tips Mexico - Do’s and Don’ts in Mexico

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Whether Mexico is safe to visit or live in is a question we often hear. Both of us have lived in Mexico for a longer period. In this blog, we talk about our own experiences. Read three safety tips for travel to Mexico that helped us have a great time. We will discuss the various factors that contribute to feeling safe in Mexico.

In general, we think there are several things to consider when it comes to your safety. These can be things you may not be used to in your own country, but also not too difficult to apply. In our experience, this made us feel safe in Mexico.

Take the following things into account: 

1. Avoid walking the streets at night 

If you leave the house at night, it’s best to order an Uber or another service like DiDi. This is safer than walking on the streets at night. If you don’t have any other option, make sure you go with a group, but still, an Uber would be the best option. 

To continue about Uber, it’s best to take the Uber not alone at night, especially as a woman. Going out in a group makes you less vulnerable. Check the license plate number and name to make sure it matches the Uber driver to whom you are assigned. If you must take the Uber alone, be sure to send the Uber ride to your friends (you can do this in the Uber app) as well as your location. Even if you take an Uber alone on the day, it’s always good to consider these recommendations.

2. Withdrawing cash from a bank

If you are going to get money from a bank, it is important that you feel safe the moment you enter the bank. Just look around to get a feeling and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t get the money. Listen to your gut. Most of the time it will be fine and you can just get the money. However, put it away in a money belt or fanny pack. It is better to take the money on the day rather than overnight, this is something we always do. 

3. Be cautious with using your phone on the streets 

It also depends on where you are in Mexico, but in general, we do not recommend using your phone on the street while walking. Phone theft can happen and that’s something you don’t want. Of course, we understand that sometimes you need to check the road or look at the Uber app, for example. We suggest you look into this before you head out the door or take just a quick look if needed.

Applying these things made us feel safe in Mexico. We think it is always important to take good care of yourself wherever you are, including in Mexico. We don’t deny that Mexico is not always good in the news, but we also want to show that this is not the only side of Mexico and that it has much more to offer. If you have any questions about safety in Mexico or any other topic, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

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