Sunny's Internship Experience in Mexico - Founder & Co-owner

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Doing my internship in Mexico was something very insightful and enriching. This is a story of personal and professional growth that began when I decided to do an internship in Guadalajara, Mexico. Read more about Sunny’s internship experience in Mexico! 

The Beginning

It all started when I came to Mexico for my studies, and that’s when everything changed for me. I developed a deep affection for the country and its people, making returning to the Netherlands the last thing on my mind. With just one more internship left before graduation, I made the decision to find one right here in Guadalajara.

Before my journey, I honed my Spanish skills and arranged my visa. I arrived in Guadalajara with an open heart. The city’s diversity, culture, and warm people deeply resonated with me. Besides, the weather is fantastic, with about 270 days of sunshine every year!

My Internship in Mexico

The application process became my first real test. A meeting with the company’s CEO to discuss my goals was conducted entirely in Spanish. It was undeniably challenging, but I saw it as an opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture and embraced the adventure eagerly. Fortunately, all my colleagues were incredibly supportive.

My role in the internship involved enhancing the company’s promotional efforts and expanding its client base. Succeeding meant delving deeply into Mexico’s unique culture. When I first arrived in January, I held no particular expectations. I was open to new experiences and thrilled at the prospect of exploring something entirely different from Europe.

Cultural Differences

The working culture here was remarkably different. People were friendly, hardworking, understanding, and incredibly patient. The professional environment, particularly in my financial consultancy company, was quite formal. I particularly noticed the differing professional treatment between men and women. The most significant challenge was understanding the language, especially during meetings conducted entirely in Spanish. However, I overcame this by remaining curious and asking questions.

Living and working in Mexico introduced me to a culture that emphasizes conflict avoidance and a flexible approach to time. These differences led to some amusing moments and provided plenty of insightful experiences. My time in Mexico not only helped me become fluent in Spanish but also understand the Mexican business culture thoroughly. These skills have been invaluable, not only in my professional journey but also in my role at Internship in Mexico. The memories? Unforgettable and unique. From amusing language blunders to engaging discussions with colleagues about our diverse cultures, my interactions in Mexico were both hilarious and enlightening.

Personal Growth

My journey didn’t end with securing an internship for myself; it extended to starting Internship in Mexico to assist other students like me. I recognized the challenges of finding an internship in a foreign country, especially without fluency in the local language. Now, our mission at Internship in Mexico is simple yet effective: connecting students with companies in Mexico that align with their profiles and aspirations.

This adventure transformed me into a more open-minded, adaptable and culturally aware individual. I now comprehend two different business cultures (of the Netherlands/Europe and Mexico), allowing me to set up my own company in a foreign country. It’s how I’ve become a true bridge between cultures. Living and working in Mexico was an unexpected adventure, but one I wouldn’t trade for the world. I’m grateful I took the opportunity and hope to inspire others to do the same.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

I would encourage everyone to consider an internship abroad if the opportunity arises. It might seem scary, but don’t let fear hold you back. International internships offer incredible opportunities for personal and professional growth. The world is yours! Each new experience enriches your life in ways you might not even imagine.

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