Business Culture in Mexico

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What is the business culture like in Mexico?

What can you expect from working in a company in Mexico? In this post, we answer this question. We give you some tips and recommendations so you can start your internship well-prepared!

Work Etiquette
Working in a Mexican company is very different from what we are used to. Mexicans work a lot and while working, their employer usually expects a lot from them as well. Mexicans are willing to help you with anything, but if you ask for something specific, it can take some persistence to get it. This is where “ahorita” explains a lot. Ahorita literally means “right now” but Mexicans take time very lightly so “ahorita” can mean they will help you in an hour, in 5 hours or maybe tomorrow. In that case, it is important to remind them a few times or rather ask someone else.

Some facts
Mexican businesses are generally very formal. Any older person is usually addressed in the formal form of “usted” unless they tell you otherwise. People also tend to call people by their qualification title, such as “Licenciado” or “Lic.” for those with administrative or business education, and “Ingeniero” or “Ing.” for those who have studied something related to chemistry, biology and software.

Cultural differences
Mexican men are true gentlemen, for example they will carry heavy things out of respect, open doors for women and offer them a seat. They are brought up to respect women and usually very attached to their mothers. Mexican men help their mothers, sisters, female friends and colleagues when they need help with something. 

Gatherings and parties
If one thing is certain, Mexicans are good drinkers and great party people. You can see that at work too. If there is something to celebrate, they definitely celebrate this with food and alcohol at work. On some occasions, they even organise a competition within the company where prizes can be won. The same goes for Christmas, when most companies go all out and give out big prizes within the company, such as TVs, trips, kitchenware, you name it.

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