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Mexico is a big country with many cities and we understand that it is difficult to choose a city for your internship. Our blog reveals the best cities for internships. Read about the thriving industries and diverse cultures of Guadalajara, Mérida, Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla and Querétaro.

1. Guadalajara 

The first city on the list is, of course, Guadalajara! The city where the owners of Internship in Mexico (Sunny and Carmen) lived and fell in love with Mexico. In our opinion, Guadalajara has everything from delicious Mexican food to Mariachi music and great business opportunities. It is also called the cultural center of Mexico. Guadalajara has a warm climate throughout the year, making it a destination where the temperature remains consistently pleasant. The wet season is characterized by more rainfall but is still very pleasant. During the wet season, the weather is hot and dry. In addition, this technology-oriented city is also called “The Silicon Valley of Mexico” because of the large number of multinational tech companies. Interesting if you want to do an internship in this field. But there are also opportunities in other fields, such as finance, the area Sunny discovered during her internship in Mexico. Guadalajara is very authentic and has a smaller city center if you compare it to Mexico City, for example. In addition, Guadalajara is known for its agave fields in the Tequilla Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Population: 5.269.000*

2. Mérida 

This city is the capital of the state of Yucatán, which you may know from the famous Chichén-Itza, listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. The “White City” (in Spanish: La Ciudad Blanca) owes this nickname to the white limestone that was used as a building material. Mérida enjoys a tropical climate that ensures it remains hot year-round. During the wet season, the air is filled with humidity as the region experiences increased rainfall. During the dry season, the air remains humid. Furthermore, Mérida is known for its cleanliness and safety and has also been called the safest city in Mexico. In addition, Mérida has an investment-friendly environment that attracts many entrepreneurs and start-ups. The various industries that are important in Mérida range from tourism and culture to manufacturing.

Population: 1.316.000 

3. Mexico City 

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and a place where many international people have moved to start a new life. With many influences from abroad, it combines Mexican culture with other cultures. Mexico City is one of the cities with the most cultural museums in the world, just think of the National Anthropological Museum and the Frida Kahlo Museum. This makes it the perfect cultural destination. Wander through neighborhoods such as Zona Rosa and Condesa, with amazing architecture, fashion boutiques and design studios. In summer, days are marked by mild to warm weather and evenings bring a refreshing coolness. Mexico City is situated in what is known as tierras frías or “Cold Lands”. The winter climate is not harsh, and the days remain mild, offering comfortable conditions for daily life. However, the nights can turn cool. Mexico City is huge and very populated, with many corporate headquarters located in the capital, which gives foreigners the opportunity to work abroad in Mexico. The main industries in the capital are banking and finance, manufacturing (such as textiles, chemicals and pharmaceuticals), construction and tourism.

Population: 21.805.000 

4. Monterrey 

Monterrey is a city with a vibrant culture, and excellent cuisine and it’s the most educated city in México. Summers in Monterrey are generally characterized by high temperatures, contributing to a warm and lively atmosphere. While spring and fall are mild with moderate temperatures. Winters are also known to be mild, with temperatures rarely falling below freezing. This city is close to the US border and is therefore richly influenced by American culture. You will find influences from the US, in real life but also in business, which offers international students many opportunities. You’ll find high-rise hotels and office buildings in the business district, as well as shopping malls and golf courses, making it a diverse urban landscape. Monterrey has a strong industrial and economic presence, which is why it is known as “The Sultan of the North.” Many international companies operate out of Monterrey because of this prosperity and its proximity to the US, also giving the city a diverse economy that brings internships in different fields. The main companies in Monterrey include aerospace and defense, electronics, medical devices and automotive.

Population: 5.341.000 

5. Puebla 

A 3-hour drive from Mexico City you will find Puebla, a city with authentic Mexican culture. Compared to the capital, it feels more relaxed. Puebla’s historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, telling the story of its colonial past. Summers in Puebla are characterized by hot and humid conditions, and winters are relatively short in Puebla, bringing cooler temperatures and a break from the summer humidity. Puebla’s biggest sectors are automotive, textiles and the fast-growing food and beverage processing industry. Furthermore, Puebla is emerging as a center for innovation and industry. The city’s strategic location has made it a focal point of manufacturing and trade. Industrial parks and technology clusters underscore Puebla’s commitment to modernization, making it an attractive destination for companies seeking growth and development.

Population: 3.195.000 

6. Querétaro 

Last but not least – Querétaro. This Spanish colonial city is full of colorful buildings and its historic center is also recognized by UNESCO. The weather is temperate, meaning summers are warm and winters are mild. Querétaro is known for companies in the aerospace, electronics, automotive, chemical, food and financial industries that have their national headquarters in Querétaro. It is also known for vineyards that are growing rapidly. Many professionals have moved to this part of Mexico over the past 20 years and Querétaro has grown tremendously. Many companies from Mexico City have moved their offices here because it is only a two-hour drive north of Mexico City.

Population: 1.339.000 

We think all the mentioned cities give you the great opportunity to live and work abroad while being immersed in Mexican culture. Besides, we also support students to go to other cities in Mexico that may be smaller and less known but also could be a great experience. If you want personal advice on which city is best for you, contact us and we will discuss your profile and aspirations to decide together which city suits you best!

Soon we will describe popular cities on the coast of Mexico in another blog. If you want to do an internship on the coast of Mexico, feel free to contact us!

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*Population numbers are based on metropolitan areas, areas in Mexico traditionally defined as the group of municipalities that are closely connected, usually around a core city. In addition, the numbers are based on figures from 2022.

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