Internship Abroad: 5 Reasons to do an Internship in Mexico

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An internship abroad allows you to build your CV, meet and work with professionals, experience the culture, and much more. Read about 5 reasons to do an internship in Mexico in this blog!  

1. Work experience in another culture

Being an intern in Mexico gives you work experience and the possibility to gain experience in a company that seems interesting to you. Doing an internship abroad allows you to learn about different business practices and work cultures, which can be valuable experiences for your future career. When you choose to do an internship in Mexico, it is not only the work experience that you gain but also the cultural experience. You will learn to deal with situations in a different culture that sometimes requires a different way of communicating. When you choose to go abroad during the internship period, it allows you to improve yourself in different ways.

2. Improve your Spanish Language skills

Spanish is the language spoken in Mexico, so an internship is the perfect way to improve your language skills. Mexico is a great country to learn Spanish because the accent is easy to understand compared to Spanish in other countries because they speak slow pace and with a clear accent. Moreover, most Mexicans are more than happy to help you because they love foreigners who speak Spanish. Want to do an internship in Mexico but prefer to do it in English? You have the option of doing an internship in English, especially in the bigger cities. However, even if your internship is in English, we always recommend learning Spanish, as you will come across some situations that you will need it.

3. Build a strong resume 

An internship in Mexico gives you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in your field, develop new skills, and take on responsibilities. These experiences are valuable to potential employers, as they demonstrate your ability to perform in a professional environment and that you have the skills and experience to succeed in your chosen field. In addition, an internship abroad can help you build your professional network and establish contacts with people who can give you references or recommend you for future job opportunities. Overall, an internship in Mexico can be a great way to improve your CV and increase your chances of success in the job market. Shortly, experience abroad is a plus for future employers. It shows that you can adapt to a different cultural environment.

4. Travel during your internship 

During the week you work, and on weekends you are free. Staying in Mexico gives you the opportunity to explore the country on weekends. Domestic flights or renting a car is not too expensive in Mexico. Some popular destinations for weekend trips in Mexico include the capital Mexico City, the beaches of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, the ancient ruins of the Mayan civilization in Yucatan, and the vibrant city of Guadalajara. In addition, there are many other beautiful and interesting places to visit in Mexico, including mountains, forests, beaches, and national parks. Mexico offers many opportunities for weekend trips alongside your internship abroad.

5. Make international contacts 

An internship abroad offers you the opportunity to work with professionals in your field and learn from their expertise. This can help you build your professional network and establish contacts with people from different countries and cultures, such as Mexico. These connections can be valuable resources for your future career and help you learn more about the global business landscape. International contacts are valuable for networking and career opportunities, as they can provide you with references and recommendations and help you connect with other professionals in your field. International contacts are great sources of support and friendship. All in all, these contacts are valuable for your personal and professional development.


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