6 Essential Tips for Traveling to Latin America

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We’ve gathered essential tips for traveling to through Latin America. From money to travel insurance and mosquito protection, we’ve listed everything for you.

1. Adapter 

Don’t forget to bring a universal adapter. With different types of plugs and voltage standards in the region, an adapter will ensure you can charge your electronics. Be aware that sometimes the voltage can vary and your device may not work like it does at home. My hair blower did not have full power like in the Netherlands and was thus unusable!

2. Debit and Credit Card 

Most places in major cities accept card payments, making it convenient for your purchases. However, bring also your debit card to get cash as not all places accept cards, especially in smaller cities and villages. Try to not get cash with your credit card as the bank charges normally way more than when using your debit card! Your credit card will be useful to pay at places where your debit does not work (and when having no cash) and to make reservations. 

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3. Let your bank know you are traveling in North, Central or South America

It’s a good idea to inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid any unexpected card blocks due to international transactions. Also, some banks require you to put your card on the specific country or continent you are traveling to use your card. Keep in mind that Mexico is North America! Mexico is often confused as being located in South or Central America because it is a Latin American country.

4. Copy of your important documents

Make sure you have a copy of your important documents in case something happens with the real document. Think of your passport, driver’s license, health insurance card and vaccinations. Also, it is very useful when you don’t want to bring your passport but you need to identify yourself at a club for example. 

5. Travel insurance

Before traveling to Latin America, check if you have travel insurance and what it includes. It is also important to check if it’s global or only European (if you are from Europe) otherwise, you need to change this to make sure the insurance covers your travel outside of Europe. Furthermore, your health insurance in the Netherlands, for example, will cover medical expenses based on what is covered in the Netherlands and you will get the covered amount up to what you should get in the Netherlands. If you go to a private clinic, the cost may be higher than in the Netherlands and you have to cover this yourself, or your travel insurance if this is included. So also a good consideration to include this in your travel insurance. Just keep in mind that you need to check with your health insurance in your specific country to see how this works for you. In addition, travel insurance allows you to insure against theft, dangerous sports and much more. Also, check what period your travel insurance is for, sometimes it is only for a maximum of 60 days of continuous travel, but if you are going to exchange abroad this is not enough. Then you have to insure for a longer period abroad.

6. Mosquito protection

If you are traveling to Latin America, there are likely many insects, including mosquitoes. You can buy the spray or lotion already in your country to avoid not knowing what you are buying or you buy it upon arrival. Further, bring long clothes and a mosquito net if you expect to spend several nights in a place with many mosquitoes. Some vaccinations protect against diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. Check with your health insurance in your country and do good research to find out which places require vaccinations. Some places also require malaria tablets.

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